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 FAN Lin,HU Si-hai,WU Yao-guo,et al.Research Progress on Chemical Recognition of Aging of HTPB Propellant[J].,2017,40(4):8-14.[doi:10.14077/j.issn.1007-7812.2017.04.002]





Research Progress on Chemical Recognition of Aging of HTPB Propellant
樊琳 胡思海 吴耀国 姚海瑞 周波 辛旭
西北工业大学应用化学系, 陕西 西安 710072
FAN Lin HU Si-hai WU Yao-guo YAO Hai-rui ZHOU Bo XIN Xu
Department of Applied Chemistry, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China
physical chemistrypropellant agingchemical recognitionHTPB propellantchemical compositions
Taking HTPB propellant as an example, the research progress of chemical identification on aging of propellant at home and abroad was reviewed from several aspects of changes in chemical compositions of its oxidizing agents, adhesives, chemical function composition and so on, and in structural characteristics of carbon carbon double bond, hydroxyl, epoxy, molecular weight and so on, and the dehydration phenomenon, oxidation crosslinking reaction etc. caused by these changes as identification criteria. The further research problems of developing the comprehensive uses of chemical changes and their effects, the research of spatial location changes of chemical composition and the application of nondestructive testing technology were pointed out and the future prospects were also proposed.


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